Lord Sri Venkateshwara is a universal exponent standing on this serpent hills explicating His Divine message.
His Sattvik Shakthi _the Power of Gentleness is transcendental and attracting the people from all over the world to here.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Our belief about GOD

Indian culture and philosophy is very great. It is vivid and virtuous in its role of our culture and civilization. Our people are happy to see God in millions of visions and understanding Him in millions of supernatural consequences as exemplified from long before. Apart from our the Holy universal scripture Bhagavadgeetha, we have many authoritative sources on our culture and traditional heritage of Hinduism, which is the way of life. Therefore our ancient sage’s contributions on realisation of God differ in various ways from Vedic times.

Inasmuch Hinduism we are worshiping millions of God; in millions of Visions. In indic culture it is the means of understanding God in different ways, as experienced differently by our ancient sages, who were great in finding Him soulfully without any worldly wanting. Which cannot be measurable by any scientific methodology.

The symbol ‘Om’ used in Tirupati with the dictum phrase- Dharmo rakshati rakshitaha”- Dharma protects those who protect it. Dharma meant here as Sanatana dharma refers to everyone. “Om” which represent three important triads: earth, atmosphere, and heaven; the major Hindu gods, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva; and three Vedic scriptures-Rig,Yajur and Sama Veda. Thus Om mystically embodies the essence of the universe and uttered at the beginning and end of Hindu text, prayers, chants, and meditation.

Sri Venkatesha puranam based on Vedic scriptures depicts trigunathmaka tathva (tripartite principle) which refers to the whole world.

How GOD exist?

Does God exist or not? Man has been posing this question from thousands of years. Even today, if you put questions about how God exist to some body, each individual give answer in his own way and view or some may say 'No'. Instead why don’t we put such questions to our inner self? Why don’t we think as insider whether we are really in God; instead of where is God? Why don’t we experience ourselves that he exist in our subconsciousness; and direct us from inside before putting our good or bad ideas into actions out side?

In our man’s life there is the Hindu God, the Muslim God, and the Christian God and so on… Every one of these Gods is omnipotent. They are supposed to have performed miracles and saved humanity on the truism. Believers will tell you their Gods still have the capacity to perform such miracles. In fact miracle will happen in man’s life only.

Swami Vivekananda says-"Men are made; not born.” It doesn't mean man has created God, but realised him soulfully. It is also seen man is ready to bestow anyone with the status of God if he can save him from trouble or disastrous.

Therefore, one should find Him in oneself; thinking only in positive attitude. While at seeing God in stone image or at no image can we not find him in our subconsciousness at different views at different places?

It is no where found so many numbers of Gods and so many numbers of people devoted to such numbers of Gods than as herein Indian people find in their self-subconsciousness; and in life that all Gods united in oneness.

We are not simply worshiping an idol or in its name as God. Worshiping an idol or in its name as God is a means to go on contemplative mind through sub consciousness for self-realisation. 
On findings as real facts says- the God’s gracefulness and miracles from where he depicts, but not merely imaginary.

A Holy and truly universal scripture

In Indian mythologies Ramayana and Mahabharatha and its holy recital Bhagavadgeeta there were many illustrations, emphasizing factors about God exist and self-realisation, along with man’s modes of nature, his death and rebirths.

In Bhagavadgeeta sanatana refers to both jeeva and the Lord. As we have intimate relationship with Lord Sanatana-dharma has the eternal relativity with all human beings and living entity. Usually people talk ‘Hinduism’ but actually Hindu is not a religion or its name, basically the way of life on which Indic culture oriented towards realising one’s full potential.

Therefore, epic of Lord Venkateswara is not a particular religious tome as some people thinks.

Our belief depends on our wisdom or ignorance. We see many examples innocents, ignorant have belief in God on firm faith, rather than too intellectuals.
Innocents may not be knowing meaning of “God-consciousness” but, know what is God and self-realisation. Even today they find him to converse with His stone image in the temples! 

It is said "intellect is the temple of God" but, unfortunately nowadays intellect is the tempest of frauds.

It is Gods mystery to listen to the intrinsic spirit of man to rise above the mundane. From long ago man experienced His divinity within self. If a man yearns like an innocent child, He will appear in man’s conscientious mind; where self-conscious enshrines on selfless motives, as it is experienced by great transcendentalists. Jesus, Krishna, Mohammed and Buddha went against conventions. They are the ones within their highest divine quality dared to move out of the shadow of a particular religious belief.

Else there will be no agreement in anything believing. It is your choice to believe in the God that already you are within , and with your religion or not but to achieve the quality of being divinity not comes to cherish as sacred unless you regard outside Gods with their intrinsic and religious beliefs. 

It’s up to you to decide whether to follow a farcical religion to appear as dogmatic, or wake up to the expansive religion to preponderate yourself.

Each holy pilgrimage may convey divine message, but this holy Tirupati pilgrimage has its exclusive communing form of conceptual ism, stands as A Truly Universal Scripture to ever preserve.
To this pilgrimage center thousands of people visits (on some occasion it exceeds lakhs) daily to take darshanam of Lord Venkateswara without distinction of religion, race-ethnics, because of its’ exclusive Divine message and Sath-shakti the Universal power.

Epic-Story- of Lord Sri VENKATESHWARA (also called as Balaji)

At last, it was the precept of Lord Venkateswara; I have to go through His epic story for finding contemporary values in a different way of new presentation to these advancing days. I have first written this epic-story as“Sapthagiri Sampada” in our regional language Kannada and published in 1997. I say in my findings this epic-story high lights not only referring to the sacred ordinance of Marriage, but its mystery is on everlasting tripartite principles of this earth.
It's depicting how a man attains the his highest peak of tranquility through his Sathva guna the fortitude power of gentle manliness in human life. It is our world's entity too; on which based the whole Universal Law!

The WORLD of Tripartite Principle

Other than realization of God, there is always big controversy about understanding this wicked world! It is an astounding mystical mystery and scientific nature’s law also found in this world of three fold times.
The Tripartite principled earth! Which partake thrice is called ‘Tripartite’.
In Vedanta the absolute truth is realized in three phases of understanding…

Our body and its functions are found alike on the same principle of tripartite! Which comprises three portions of waters and another portion is based on air which is life force for breathing. In Geethopanishad these three divine aspects explained by the example of Sun also, which has three different aspects-Sun shine, the Sun surface and the Sun planet itself.

One who understands Sun shine- its universal pervasiveness and glaring effulgence compared to those who can realize the Brahman feature of Atman the Absolute Truth. One who has advanced still further can know the Sun disc, which is compared to knowledge of paramatma the Abosolute Truth. One who can understand the Sun planet itself is compared to those who realize the personal feature of Supreme Absolute Truth.
These types of study of Absolute Truth cannot be inseparable.

You see, in the global world waters portion is treble around one portion of earth. Amazingly our country India is having its resemblance as alike as philosophical myth, and geographically a peninsular covered by sea waters at three sides, and again three times of its earth portion filled with full of misery on the cause of criminals and sinners,. it is alike as similar example to the whole world also, called as ‘Tripartite principle".

In 15th century itself our saints -Hari Daasas’ said- 
“Idu Parama Papigalige Subhiksha kala…” This is the time of luxuriance of all those sinners and criminals; who are of Rajasa and Tamasa gunas found in three times of Sathvik people. But remaining portion of Sathviks of gentleness only ever sprouts to grow up luminous on the earth which is very much power full ruling the whole universe in an indispensable manner at all times.

Although Rajasa is not so harmful, often leads to Tamasa. Indeed, to select the correct group with which to associate and move further is our choice; as Satthva the fortitude and the essence of gentleness is the victorious truth, and highly respectful will bring equilibrium to the whole universe and our life too.

This Trigunathmaka tathva is found in this epic Sri Venkatesha Puranam.
The most creatures and nature of our body and its functions are found alike on the same principle of tripartite! Which comprises three portions of waters and another one portion is based on air which is life force for breathing; takes a major role to survive.

These tripartite principles- the Trigunathmaka tatthva pointed out long before by our ancient sages. The same we can find in this epic story Venkatesha Puranam.

I would like to mention further, here up to my knowledge and efforts goes in the available epics on Lord Venkateshwara, His Sattvik Message(Divine Message ) limits to trinity only. Afterwards the high Lights of the story runs about Srinivasa Kalyanam and Lord’s majesty with His pre-eminences only.
In fact this great epic contains Lord’s Divine Message in each and every step of chapters. Accordingly, I studied and took all care on the way of my new presentation not to affect in any way to the traditional story and its resources.

-Shiva Ram H, 25th August, 2006 up dated: 16th February,2009


Anonymous said...

Please keep blogging.
was interesting to know the story behind "Sapthagiri"
Do post any aerial photos of the hills you may have. people say it looks like Vykunta where Lord Vishnu is sleeping on 7 headed serpent.
how did the old time people without airplane envisulize how this place looks from sky ?

Shivaram H said...

I was busy with some other literary works, any how you can go through these posts updated, as this epic has recently been published as book "The Message from Seven hills"

Shivaram H said...

via e-mail by
Lt.Col.(Retd)Diwakar Naidu

Dear Shivaram,

1. At the outset, please accept our hearty congratulations for an excellent literary work “The Message from Seven Hills”.

2. From preface to the last, it is simple, excellent, knowledgeable and worth reading. The book goes like R.K. Narayan Novels.

3. Please keep it up and we pray Almighty God to give all the strength and success in your endless effort in the field of literature.

With warm regards

Lt. Col. [Retd.] Divakara Naidu S K

Shivaram H said...

Thank you very much for your comments, and heartily wishes